blüten mit tropfen

The natural products of “Panax – Homeopathy & Phytotherapy Laboratory“, is the result of scientific knowledge, experience and cooperation of health professionals in the area of homeopathy and herbal medicine, with real love for the object and the fellow man. Lead pharmacist is Sanjuq Samir. Palestinian with Greek citizenship (over 40 years in Greece), graduate of the School of Pharmacy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His scientific search soon led to the study of homeopathy and herbal medicine, both as a therapeutic method of philosophy as well as practice – laboratory application, utilizing the capabilities of the actual pharmacist.

Our laboratory is being staffed by health workers, trained in Physical Medicine that support our efforts both on a practical level and in terms of information, dissemination and establishment of these mild, safe and effective treatments. Our partners are the pharmacist Sanjuq Giorgos, the chemist Gerodimou Ioulia, the pharmaceutical assistant Christina Kokiou and the sales department responsible Hadjitheodosiou Sonia.