You can pay your order in the following ways:

Cash on Delivery
The products are shipped by courier and you pay upon receipt. The cost of payment on delivery is 6.5 euros.

Bank Deposit
If you are not at home, you can pay your order by bank account. For your convenience, please give the bank as reason for your Name and Order Number. Then please send the deposit slip by fax at 26410 46707 or by e-mail at The cost of payment with bank deposit is 3.5 euros.

The bank accounts where you can deposit money (in Santzouk Samir name) are:

PIRAEUS BANK: ΙΒΑΝ: GR9701712640006264126403037
NATIONAL BANK: IBAN:GR0701107980000079844013015

With Card via Piraeus

Payment via Piraeus Bank: Accepts Mastercard, Visa and Maestro.

* Remark:

For orders outside Greece, there is an additional shipping cost listed on the order basket at the time of payment.