We prepare all homeopathic medicines, medications of all potentials and herbal medicine preparations, aromatherapy, vitamins, minerals, cosmetics, etc., in any dosage form (mother tinctures, capsules, creams, solutions, etc). Panax Natural Products are the result of scientific knowledge, experience and cooperation of health professionals in the area of homeopathy and herbal medicine in Agrinio and the region of Western Greece, with real love for the subject and the fellow man. Based on tested traditional recipes but under the light of modern scientific experience, personal and international, we create innovative therapeutic products and cosmetics, Medicinal plants and active ingredients of natural origin. All our compositions are based on active herbal extracts, with possibility of AMENDMENTPERSONALIZATION and provide protection and physical care, relying on a combination of quality – safety – efficacy.


Natural Cosmetics

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Our laboratory creates natural cosmetics that offer ideal facial, body and hair care. These products consist of 100% natural ingredients. Regeneration and anti-aging facial products, hair care, sun protection for face and body products against cellulite and body firming, shower gels, body lotions, all with the possibility of modification and customization, relying on a combining of quality-safety-efficacy.


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Phytotherapeutic Products

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The products of our laboratory are not produced industrially. As phytotherapeutic formulations, they are prepared by modifying formulations and personalization regimens according to the specific needs of each patient.

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