“δια τα όμοια νούσος γίνεται και δια τα όμοια προσφερόμενα εκ νοσευόντων υγιαίνονται»
Hippocrates (5th century B.C.).”

Homeopathy is a complete medical system (diagnosis and treatment) based on invariant physical laws and principles.

About 200 years ago, the German doctor professor of medicine at the university of Leipzig SC Hahnemann revived Homeopathy and made them a science. He experimented with hundreds of substances by administering them to himself and in healthy volunteers, mainly colleagues – students, observing and recording their clinical symptoms. They reached conclusions that proved that he had said and Hippocrates. Thus formulated the first law of homeopathy, the ‘law of similars’ and created the first Homeopathic Pharmacology. With similar manner (the double blind experiment) thereafter and up to date, Members have continued and continue “evidence” (provings) hundreds of substances, enriching homeopathic arsenal (over 3,500 drugs) homeopathic medicines are not random experimental discoveries but documentation of natural laws through scientific observation, that experiment and clinical evidence. The human body is subject to these laws and involve them as an integral part of nature, vibrant and deterministically. Acting in accordance with the law of similars, “a disease is cured by the medicine that causes symptoms similar to the disease called to cure “. This is a natural law, untouchable, like other physical laws, such as gravity, action-reaction, etc., rather than human assessment of experimental and theoretical data, not guesswork, office or doctrine.Homeopathy, in contrast to conventional (chemical) medical treatment of disease, does not focus on the symptom because it does not consider illness per say, but evidence of its existence. It addresses the root cause of the origin of the symptom, deepens and explores the reasons for its occurrence, the cause of differentiation from the previous equilibrium, ie the cause of the disease. It detects and analyzes the patient’s temperament, ie the set and modify the physical and mental or psychological characteristics and performance under the influence of any pathogen – stress. Under the pressure of the stress-or, the body departs the dynamic health status, loses the “balance” of, and organizing its defense, showing clinical symptoms and signs.In this sense there are no diseases, but patients.

3360004318_96daca8ca8.Homeopathy addresses each patient’s body for any disturbance of health. It is effective in a greater range than modern pathology, acute cases, such as respiratory diseases, urinary, musculoskeletal system, etc., up to chronic and systemic disorders, such as skin, allergic, endocrine, gastrointestinal, gynecological, neurological, psychological etc. problems.

This does not mean that homeopathy is a panacea. It also has its limitations. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on various factors such as the kind of disease, heredity, age, and the regenerative capacity of the body, the potential reversibility of damage, etc., as well as patient compliance with treatment.

Homeopathic medicines are safe and administered to infants up to the elderly and attenuated. Besides the given action at both ages (and in comatose patients, animals etc), collapses and spiteful to silly view of some, that it is a placebo. Especially small groups benefit from the beneficial properties of homeopathy, for lack of chronicity.

Homeopathic medicines are ultra-high and “homeopathic” natural substances solutions, without any chemical intervention. They activate the reactionaries – the body’s defense mechanisms, strengthening its vital force, enabling it to cope with any deviation from the equilibrium state of health. They i.e., high efficiency simultaneously with the complete absence of side effects. In about 200 years of homeopathy, nor a drug has been withdrawn, unlike the experimentation of conventional medicine with successive revisions and withdrawals.

Homeopathy, as a holistic therapeutic approach, can act both therapeutic and preventive.

Since our physical and psycho-intellectual balance daily put to the test, since more or less we are all exposed to internal or external stress factors (microbes, infection, radiation etc., worries, frustrations and other unpleasant psycho-intellectual statements), homeopathy treatment is considered not merely important, but necessary.