Bach Flower Remedies is an alternative method of treatment, which was discovered by British physician Edward Bach in the early 20th century. Prepared from 38 different flowers of England and is completely harmless, without any side effects or interactions with other drugs or substances. So can be used by everyone (even babies and animals), it suffices to find which of the 38 match in each case.
Bach remedies belong to energy therapies. According to practitioners and those who use them to treat the mental and emotional part of the individual and so on, can cure and the physical body, since the cause of most diseases are in those levels. It can for example someone has deficiencies in the body due to bad eating and other habits. The Bach remedies will not add this missing element, but will help the individual to make the necessary changes in his life, or the necessary moves and options (eg choosing a good doctor) or a change in mental and emotional attitude which in turn will have effect on the physical body.


Method of preparation

The usual way of preparation is that of solar method, where the selected flowers remain for three hours in a water source beneath the sun. Then the flowers are removed and the activated water is mixed with brandy. In other cases the flowers are boiled in water source. The result of both methods is the mother remedy, which is further diluted to finally create the bottles of flower essences we buy from pharmacies.


After the therapist or the person himself chooses remedies that suit, the person needs to take the product four times a day, four drops underneath the tongue. The maximum of remedies that can take one is seven. No case of overdose or other hazard, and are completely safe, chemical-free. The worst that can happen is simply the remedies do not work.


In the long run, they can be effective in many cases.

List of verbs

The 38 remedies and their indications are:

  • AgrimonyInner torment behind cheerful mask
  • AspenUndefined fears and evil forebodings
  • BeechCriticism, intolerance
  • CentauryWeak will, servility, can not say ‘no’
  • CeratoLack of confidence in the crisis / intuition -Need to confirm
  • Cherry PlumFear of losing control or his mind – hysteria
  • Chestnut BudLack of observation, unable to learn from mistakes
  • ChicoryPossessiveness, emotional blackmail
  • ClematisDaydreaming, forgetfulness, inattention, poor concentration
  • Crab AppleThe cleansing remedy, feeling dirt, attention to detail
  • ElmTemporary incapacity feeling in front of large claims
  • GentianDiscouragement, defeatism
  • GorseDespair, hopelessness
  • Heathertalks endlessly about himself, egocentricity
  • HollyNegativity, jealousy, envy, revenge, anger, suspicion
  • HoneysuckleNostalgia – living in the past
  • HornbeamMental exhaustion, fatigue
  • ImpatiensImpatience, large internal volume
  • LarchLack of confidence, inferiority complex
  • MimulusFear particular known things – animals, heights, disease and other
  • MustardRecurrent depression without apparent reason
  • OakFor people who never give up surpassing the limits of their endurance
  • OliveTotal mental or physical exhaustion after heavy exertion or chronic problems
  • PineOf self, guilt
  • Red ChestnutExcessive concern for loved ones
  • Rock RoseTremor, intense fear, panic
  • Rock WaterMental rigidity, pursuit of perfection
  • ScleranthusIndecision, cyclothymia
  • Star of BethlehemFor each case of mental or physical shock, recent or old
  • Sweet ChestnutDeeply internal pain – ‘the dark night of the soul
  • VervainExcessive excitement, tension, excessive zeal for the salvation of others
  • VineDomination
  • Walnutwants to make changes, but can not. transitional periods
  • Water VioletDesire for solitude, pride
  • White ChestnutContinuous unwanted thoughts and mental dialogues
  • Wild OatLack of goals and life purpose
  • Wild Rose Lack of interest, resignation, lack of motivation to change life
  • WillowBitter, feeling that the negative fact to blame others
  • Rescue RemedyFor any emergency, accidents, exams, bad news, etc. (5 combination remedies)